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Cat Vomiting? 5 Natural Remedies To Keep Your Kitty's Stomach Happy

 Cat Vomiting

Cat Vomiting? 5 Natural Remedies To Keep Your Kitty's Stomach Happy

You come home and smell something a little rank. You're not sure what it is and then BAM! A little pool of muck. Maybe it's brown, maybe it's yellow, maybe there's even some hair in it. You've just come across cat vomit.

This has happened to me more than I'd like to admit and as much as I wish I could walk up to my cat and say, "Okay, what happened? Are you feeling okay now? What did you eat? Is this the first time you puked?", it'd just be an act in futility.

Here's the deal. Cats' stomachs are incredibly sensitive and they're more slaves to routine than you or me. If the slightest change in diet occurs, or they ingest something a little different, this could be enough to set them off.

So if your cat has been vomiting or you'd like to take preventative measures to ensure this doesn't happen, I highly recommend you follow the following 5 natural remedies to prevent cat vomiting.

1. Keep All Plants Out Of Your Cat's Reach

You may not think that this is a big deal. After all, you've never seen your cat eat your plant, have you? Well, cats are sneaky. While you're away at work they know that they can't get caught in the act for doing naughty things. So they might start to nibble on your plants.

This is extremely dangerous. Some plants (such as grass or catnip) aren't a big deal in small doses but in big amounts, it can be fatal. On top of that, many plants can be outright poisonous, even to humans. The Christmas plant, poinsettia is a good example.

So just to be safe, keep all plants away from your cat.

2. Switch To A High End Cat Food

I'm not saying you have to spend an exorbitant amount on cat food but you should at least look for a premium brand that has a high percentage of protein (minimum 30%, more if you have a kitten). The cat food you choose should clearly label the ingredients and what type of meat is being used.

Also make a note of how much filler of food dye is used. This kind of artificial stuff is no good for anyone, especially your cat. You might not notice a difference immediately but imagine if you ate fast food every single day for years. Can you think of what that might do to your body and digestive track?


You should also pick a cat food that is meant for your cat's age. These days you'll be able to find a cat food for almost any stage of a cat's life, be it kitten, "teenage", adult, or mature. In addition, you can find cat foods specific to your cats needs, such as feed that is meant for overweight or underweight cats or cats with sensitive stomachs

3. Don't Feed Them Treats That Aren't Meant For Cats

It's okay to give your cat scraps from the dinner table every now and then. Just make sure it's pure meat, such as pure chicken or fish. No sauce, no MSG, no additives or anything.

This rule should be extended to visitors and guests of the house, since they might not know. Another cat owner will probably have to sense to not feed your cat but children and dog owners might not.

Instead, keep handy a pack of treats for your cat. Should anybody want to give Kitty a treat, you can just pass them the bag.

4. Regulate Meal Times

Nobody wants a cat vomiting all over the place just because they ate too much. It's uncomfortable for your cat and highly unhygienic. I recommend regulating their meal times. Routine is a good thing. Regulate when they eat and how much they eat.

Some cats will eat until there's nothing left, while other cats will eat as fast as they can. You've probably had this happen to you before. You eat as fast as you can and by the time you feel full, you also feel sick and bloated.

Cats can be the same. Instead, give them a set amount of food and no more. You may want to consult your vet to see how much food you can give your Kitty.

5. Lock Your Cleaning Supplies Away

Sometimes your cat will get a little too curious and taste test your cleaning supplies. So just to be safe, keep them locked away and ensure that your cat can't get a hold of them.

6. *BONUS* Tip - Wash Your Cat's Water And Food Bowl Frequently

Many people forget to do this, especially for the water bowl. Clean your cat's water and food bowls everyday. Dust, bacteria, and all kinds of dirt can fall in unbeknownst to the naked eye. I recommend washing the food bowl before and after feeding time. As for the water bowl, I recommend getting a covered one or even a filtered fountain version. Those are fun and many cats enjoy running water instead of still water.

If you follow all 6 of these tips, having a cat vomiting will be the least of your worries. Instead you can focus on your scratched furniture


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