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Can You Leave a Cat Alone for How Long?|| Grooming Pets

Can You Leave a Cat Alone for How Long?

Can You Leave a Cat Alone for How Long?

Cats have a reputation for being solitary creatures, but anyone who owns one knows that this isn't entirely accurate. Some cats, in fact, are social butterflies who need to be kept company at all times! Cats form strong bonds with their human and animal companions and can become distressed or lonely if they are left alone for an extended period of time.

Of course, each cat is unique. However, there are some accepted guidelines for how long you should leave a cat alone at home. Continue reading to find out how long you can leave a cat alone for.

Is it possible for my cat to stay at home alone while I'm at work?

Many individuals prefer to have a cat as a pet rather than a dog since cats are believed to be lower-maintenance. And it's true that cats can stay at home alone during the day for longer periods of time than dogs. They don't need someone to take them for a stroll because their restroom is inside!

Adult cats are generally comfortable to be left alone at home for 8-12 hours. Cats, on the other hand, can become bored and lonely in a short period of time. Is there a way to assist? Entertainment! Leave some safe toys and enrichment activities for children to play with when you go out for the day. You may even turn on a relaxing channel on the radio or television at a low volume.

Is it okay if I leave my cat alone for the night?

Veterinarians recommend leaving your cat alone for up to 24 hours at a time. They should be alright for a day if they have a clean litterbox, fresh water, and a full breakfast before you leave. But anything more than that is pushing it.

If you'll be gone for more than one night, ask a friend or a pet sitter to come visit your cat, scoop the litterbox, and refill the food and water bowls. Consider this: would you want to be trapped in a room with old food, contaminated water, and a clogged toilet? I certainly wouldn't. It's also not fair to put my cat through that.

The thought of a sudden illness or injury is much more frightening than messes. Cats may get themselves into a lot of trouble; just think of the havoc they can make when you're not around to oversee! And a sudden disease or condition, such as urinary obstructions, can swiftly escalate into a dangerous situation (source).

Can You Leave a Cat Alone for How Long?

There is a difference in age.

When you leave kittens and senior cats alone, they are vulnerable and may require extra attention.

Kittens between the ages of three and six months require three feedings every day, spaced out every 4-6 hours or so. Furthermore, kittens are extremely curious and may attempt to climb the drapes or eat something they shouldn't while you're away. You can keep them in a kitten-proof room, but having someone check on them during the day is also a good idea.

Changes in routine can be very stressful for senior cats. In an older cat, stress can lead to sickness. Senior cats may also require extra feedings or medication during the day. Senior cats should not be left alone overnight for these reasons.

While you're away, keep your cat occupied.

You can set your cat up for success while you're gone if you're intending to leave them alone for more than a few hours. Feed them a food before you go, and make sure their water bowl is filled before you depart. Last but not least, make sure they have a clean litterbox.

Oh, and don't forget about the fun! Toys, scratchers, and other forms of enrichment can help keep cats occupied during their time at home alone. When you're not around, "stand-alone" toys like fluffy balls, crinkle/crackle balls, and catnip mice give entertainment and distraction. You can also watch a nature program when the TV is on low volume.

Set up a "cat-safe" room for your cat to hang out in while you're away if your cat is exceptionally interested or mischievous. Bathrooms and laundry rooms can also be used as cat rooms. Provide them with a litterbox, food, drink, and enough toys to keep them occupied until you arrive.

Can You Leave a Cat Alone for How Long?

What can pet sitters do for you?

It's fine to let your cat alone for part or all of one day, as previously said. However, it's a good idea to plan ahead for delays and emergencies. What if you get caught in a snowstorm, your car breaks down, or whatever else keeps you from getting home in time for your cat's evening meal? Even though you intend to care for your cat at home, things can change.

Even the most reclusive cats, it turns out, require someone to check in on them once a day. While you're away, a dependable pet sitter can provide your cat with the care they've come to expect. A simple visit to scoop the litterbox and replenish the food and water bowls is sufficient for some cats. Other cats may benefit from a longer visit with plenty of pets and a play session.

A skilled Rover sitter can provide whatever amount of care is required. You can either have someone babysit them in your place or have them boarded at the sitter's. You might also enlist the help of a friend. The most important thing is that your cat is cared for till you get home. 

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